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inoperable adj
1 not able to perform its normal function [syn: unusable]
2 not suitable for surgery; "metastasis has rendered the tumor inoperable" [ant: operable]

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  1. incapable of being successfully surgically operated on
  2. incapable of correct operation or function; inoperative

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Operability is the ability to keep a system in a functioning and operating condition.
In a computing systems environment with multiple systems this includes the ability of products, systems and business processes to work together to accomplish a common task such as finding and returning availability of inventory for flight.
In the gas turbine engine business, engine operability is the ability of the engine to operate without compressor stall or surge, combustor flame-out or other power loss. Operability engineers work in the fields of engine and compressor modeling, control and test to ensure the engine meets its ignition, starting, acceleration, deceleration and over-speed requirements under the most extreme operating conditions.
Operability is considered one of the ilities and is closely related to supportability and maintainability.
Operability also refers to whether or not a surgical operation can be performed to treat a patient with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success.

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